Cybersecurity training and simulation center
in Baltimore Maryland

MARYLAND RANGE is a cybersecurity training and simulation center in Baltimore Maryland powered by Cyberbit’s “Cyber Range Platform”. Maryland Range powers cyber security training and improve security team performance by providing a hyper-realistic virtual training environment, advance training tools and simulated attack scenarios.

Out-of-the-Box Training Courses

Maryland Range comes with a comprehensive attack scenario library that reflects the most recent threat landscape, so customers can start training from day one. The library is continuously updated by our experts to include newly discovered attacks.

Automated Attack Generator

Unlike traditional “red vs blue” training, Maryland Range provides an automated threat generator that creates consistent, repeatable attack simulation based on expert research, at varied levels of difficulty. As a result, it dramatically improves trainees’ ability to cope with real-life attacks

Versatile Network Settings and Attack Scenarios

An extensive attack scenario builder and network design tools enable the training center operator to create customized attack scenarios and networks setups that fit the requirements of the individual organization

Military and Cyber Simulation Leaders

Maryland Range leverages the expertise of Cyberbit and Elbit Systems (NASDAQ: ESLT) the leading provider of military simulation systems, to deliver best-of-breed training and simulation standards.

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Simulated Attacks in Hyper-Realistic Settings

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